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Lewanut M. Nui
United States
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The original, since 2002. I explicitly disavow necessarily agreeing and/or disagreeing with any statements made prior to 2013, unless confirmed after that timeframe. I also explicitly disavow necessarily agreeing with any statements I make involving your mother, unless clearly framed as being factual. I implicitly disavow [redacted], which I've redacted because if I went right out and said it then it wouldn't be implicit. Parental Advisory: Implicit Context. Subsidization isn't something I'm heavily into in most areas, but it's pretty rad when the Big Guy does it for our personal character/eternal redemption. I also really, really like making polls.

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Apologies for the precanned, silly journal: I was struck by a triptych of self-obligations (culinary, creative, and constitutional). One deadline was met, another missed, and the final mostly met. So because of this triptych of obligations, instead of one of the various journal subjects I've already committed myself to you get a triptych of minirants/reviews on various media. (All written some time within the past year.) Or: I already wasted my time with these; now you don't have to.

When I started to play Metroid Prime, I was struck by one thing: how much greater a sense of exploration it gave me, versus that of any Zelda title I've encountered. That may in part be due to the tendency towards handholding in Zelda, or possibly just faulty memory. Regardless, the sense of exploration managed to hold for an impressive length, possibly due to upgrades adding to the player's moveset (or my own slow progress). Unfortunately, the cosmetic discoveries of new terrains couldn't create a feeling of discovery once the game's controls and conventions became familiar. This was allayed somewhat by more intense combat as the player invaded the Space Pirates' domain; the feeling that one is not supposed to be somewhere helps make up for the fact that the somewhere is not dissimilar from everywhere else. But it leads to the interesting question of how to create a constant sense of exploration out of a consistent gameplay system. One could simply switch to an inconsistent system, as in Frog Fractions, but that specific example was nothing more than hollow novelty. (Don't play it, it's an egregious waste of time.) And Prime is definitely better off for not including Zelda's myriad minigames, all of which give off the sense that they never gave the programmers time to catch up with the designers.

I didn't expect great things from The Lego Movie, but I expected good things, and my definition of good is harsher than you might expect. Bits and pieces were mediocre, which on my scale is a (meager) compliment; the rest failed to meet even this slight measure. Too many (read: most) of the jokes were actually clichés in the guise of mocking clichés, while the characterizations were as plastic as the characters. During the trite emoting in the slow scenes, I pined for the fast scenes; during ADHD-caffeine-fueled action sequences, I pined for the slow scenes. A few clever bits showed potential: the occasional comedic spark, and a twist near the end that briefly invoked genuine emotion. The pop culture cameos were throwaway fun, but didn't make the film worth watching. And the music was easily the worst part of the entire film; “Everything Is Awesome” still gives me a headache just by thinking about it. (That's honestly not a joke.) I don't entirely regret watching this film, but can't help but feel the time could've been better spent elsewhere. Possibly even reading cat memes. (That said, I did feel it necessary to avoid spoiling for you the best part of the film.)

When reading War of the Worlds, two things struck me beyond all else: poetic use of still imagery to establish mood, and a continuous vein of misanthropy. Was it H.G. Wells' hatred for humanity that inspired him to use objects and places for poignancy? Even so, the numerous deaths in the book are notable for lacking the gruesome detail that's now become standard. Was Wells acquiescing to the more delicate sensibilities of the era? Was he attempting to portray human death as not necessarily a terrible thing, as with his repeated theme comparing us to the animals we've slaughtered? Or did he recognize that seeing a person lose their life is already intrinsically cringe-worthy, and only a jaded and insensitive people would need the violence described in an explicit, excessive manner? As much as I'd like to believe it was the last option, I realize that conclusion involves a fair amount of projecting on my part. H.G. Wells was a talented writer, to be sure, but he still fell into the trap of the orthodox misanthrope: to hate humanity but love one's self requires enough delusion to forget that you too are human.

In closing, why Maraschino Cherries are completely disgusting.
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Lewanut Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2014
Yes, I've seen it, but thanks anyway. I appreciate the consideration.


Now we all need to start a petition to bring Ahkmou back as the primary villain this time.
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Have you heard about the potential return of Bionicle next year?
Lewanut Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014
I have, but thanks for making sure! It'll be interesting to see how this plays out. If it does turn out to be a troll, they're at least a rather competent one!
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The set designs do look legitimate, but it's the "coming soon" redirect page on that really convinced me. I'm a bit wary of a reboot or at the very least a tone shift, but I'm really happy just to see the original Toa returning!
Lewanut Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014
Oh, have non-blurry pictures of the sets emerged? I haven't seen those.
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(I should also point out that back at Bumbleking, LBD_Nytetrayn is slowly creeping up on your high score)

Lewanut Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014
I'm aware, yes. Can't say that I'm terribly interested right now, though. And Bumbleking is a tumor I've gladly excised, as much as I might miss individuals from it.
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Fair enough.
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